The function of the Nationwide Therapy Group website is to provide online resources and information regarding jobs to all allied healthcare specialists. To maintain the privacy of both our clients and us, we have set few terms of use, which we expect from all our clients, jobseekers employees or visitors whether registered or not, to follow while on our site. If you are using our website constantly, it means that you are agreeing with the terms of use and agree to follow them every time you visit our site. As our company holds the right to make an alteration in the website at any time without giving a proper notice, thus we recommend our clients to keep checking our terms regularly.

1. Agreement between User and Nationwide Therapy Group

Our website comprises of many Web pages operated by us. The NGT website is offered to you conditioned on your approval without alteration of the terms, settings, and notices limited herein. Your use of the Nationwide Therapy Group website represents your conformity to all such requisites, conditions, and notices.

2. Change of Terms of Use

Nationwide Therapy Group holds the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the website is offered.

3. Authorized Use of Site

Purpose – The Nationwide Therapy Group Website is designed to be used for lawful purposes only and by individuals seeking employment and/or job information and NTG workers.

License – Illegally making similar content or replication of the content, including but not limited to a manuscript, descriptions, logos, key icons, videos and software that has been tailored in any manner is highly prohibited. You admit that you may not move, put on the market or assign this license or the services received there under. Any attempt to transfer, put up for sale or allotting this license is unacceptable and invalid.

4. Primarily forbidden Uses

Nationwide Therapy Group particularly forbids any use of the website for any of the following:
Removal or modification of any website content placed by any other person or individual without authorization from the client who posted the content.

Taking any course of action which inflicts an irrational or unduly large load on the website’s data servers and content delivery networks.

Attempting to decode, decompile, or change the dynamics of any of the software completely, including or in any way making an addition to make it a part of the website.

Collecting, copying or making a replica in any way of the Content or data accessible from our Site.

Changing the framework or linking any of the Content or statistics obtainable from this website.

The company will not tolerate anything different or use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, or device other than the search engine and job listings available from the company on the website.

5. Termination

The company has the right at its own discretion, to follow all its legal actions, including but not limited to the postings on the website and instant termination of your registration with or ability to access the site and any other service provided to you by the company, in case you violate any of these terms of User or if the company is not able to validate or confirm any information you put forward.

6. Registration and Password

When you register at our website, you will create a password. It is your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your password and your e-mail address; you are fully accountable for all activities that happen in your account name. If you see any unauthorized access of your password or e-mail address, inform us and be sure to log out of your account after each session.

7. Availability of Service

While Nationwide Therapy Group makes practical efforts to make sure that website is up and running every times, NTG doesn’t undertakes, signifies or warrants that access to the website will be error-free and continuous. NTG also does not guarantees that users will able to access all features of the website at all times. Sometimes, technical glitches occur or server breakdown happens which can lead to unavailability of the website. Nationwide Therapy Group also limits the use of or access to few features without prior notice or liability.

8. Integration of Privacy Policy

We utilize your information only as explained the privacy policy, which is specifically built-in as terms of the agreement. If you find anything wrong about in our privacy policy, please do not use our services or contact us to ascertain whether a special exception or amendment may be essential.